The simplest free web video player for Vimeo and Dropbox without branding and quality loss, which loads faster than others and support custom covers.

about us


What is onelineplayer?

We are a video player that finally allows you to present videos in a nicest way without any bullshit.

No branding, no overwhelming controls, no black screens, and no loss of quality, no coding. This player can be used for your website, portfolio, social media, and it's absolutely free. 

This player was made by enthusiasts who've grown sick of ugly players - Dmitry Kiselev & George Kvasnikov.

We are investing our own time and resources in this project. Like your new player? This will allow us to move this project forward:

How to use?

Link your Video File

We are not a video hosting platform. We've created a video player which allows you to play your own videos using direct link to uploaded video, like your web hosting or Dropbox. Or it can play any video direclty from Vimeo!

Vimeo Dropbox

Add HQ Preview

We recommend you to add an HQ image for preview. The video player will load significantly faster and the preview will be of much higher quality than an automatic screenshot from your video. Make your file size is as small as possible and in following formats:


Adjust Player Style

We designed this player to be as simple as possible and to not to bother you. You can adjust the player to match your needs. Please explore advanced settings to see full customization options.

Contact us

For any type of questions please use our email [email protected]

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